How Technology Impacts PR And How We Can Respond

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. But as all landmarks it needed undivided attention.

A week as passed since I had the great pleasure of speaking at the Annual Conference of the Croatian Public Relations Association.

During my stay I had the opportunity to share a few key notions on the Values Systems School of Thought. The first of which was the idea that technology evolved in such a way that the it is easier to use and easier to adapt to our needs and whose spread is in fact unstoppable.

On a different idea, it is important to understand that the Web does present Public Relations with a new set of challenges, most of which refer to the need for a precise monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring per se can be seen in two lights. First, it is important to have tools and methods in place that allow for a Bird’s Eye View of what is being said online about:

  • Our Organization
  • Our sector
  • One or more sensitive issues

But campaigns and other projects require a new level of detail. Real time monitoring is a possibility, and we can apply it by summing up the whole online discourse into its most relevant Values, measure sentiment and identify which instruments of communication are being used for that dialogue.

This should of course be coordinate with traditional web metrics, such as pageviews, Click Through Rates, Referal links and concrete actions being performed by Online Publics.

These are exciting times for Public Relations, and I am very thankful for having the opportunity to share these ideas in Zagreb.

What is the Value of 35 000 Words?

As some of you are aware, part of this blog is dedicated to the issue of Public Relations and Values Systems. If you search for it, or look at the Values Systems category, you will find a few posts about the theme.

Simply put, my dissertation puts into question what are publics and how we can identify publics online. This theoric basis is made complete with a case study using the website for the British Olympic Association. There is an executive summary available as well, and you can find the presentation on slideshare.

With a bit of extra work I believe that my research could be made into part of an Online Communication Course.

Recently I have been giving some serious thought in making the whole dissertation available. The problem is “How”. For personal and professional reasons I don’t feel I can afford to simply share the file on the blog for all to read and use.

But I don’t have a publisher interested on my work and I have never really looked into self-publishing options.

The reason for this post is to know two things:

  • If you are a PR professional / academic, looking at the executive summary of the book would you buy it? And if so, is it something that you might recomend to others?
  • If you have any experience with self-publishing services, would you mind sharing it so I know where to begin?
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