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  1. I would rather say that Marketing should be at the top of your diagram…not communication!

  2. Sorry Paulo but, could you please explain your comment? Marketing over Communication? Why?

    I do know that marketing is a process in which communication is a fundamental issue, such as public relations but I think that Bruno was trying to show in his diagram, that we should think about communication first because the lack of it is what would definitely explain a lot of bad marketing and awful communication we see on the media…

    It’s true that in some marketing schools, the monetized view of communication tends to obscure communication at all, but forgetting communication or relegating it to a second plan usually results in a bad move…

    So, if when going to the market (well, that’s what’s marketing is all about right?), the marketeers start by thinking about communication, about the act of communicate, about satisfying a basic need of the human being, to share (from the latin communis), the marketing process (to buy or to sell) could be achieved and completed with a bigger probability of success…

    Just my 5 cents…
    And yes, some people call me lyrical… What can I do? To much time on the Internet…

  3. Paulo, I am not going to repeat what Pedro wrote. He was able to explain quite well one of the reasons for the diagram.

    But to clarify something which is my fault for not describing the image, this is the full diagram: https://statigr.am/p/298274439000256170_653098 (on the right, Verbal, non-verbal, written and other types of communication).

    The Diagram intends to show the connection of concepts and not the coordination of corporate departments. For that, Public Relations and Marketing must be placed side-by-side and both must fall under the broader notion of Communication.

    It is a matter of taxonomy and not of position within the company.

    In a corporate view, I stand by Pedro : Marketing should answer to Communication/PR as a way to assure a clear strategy and coherence of communication and actions.

    This sketch came as a result of my current disenchantment with PR as it is seen today. I have a strong feeling that maybe there should be a new concept holding together all that are the corporate relationships and corporate communication with all its stakeholders. I still am unable to explain this better, which is why I chose to post the photo and spike some conversation around the concepts.

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